Submit a Donation

Your donation check should be made to:

First Presbyterian Church – Kenya Oral Health Initiative
650 2nd Ave. N.
Fargo, ND 58102

Kenyan children smiling
Your donation will help save smiles today.

Where Will Your Donation Go?

Your donations will be applied to a multitude of needs, including:

  • A dental clinic camp in a remote village or needy neighborhood
  • Preventive services at a school or orphanage
  • Continuing education to the staff
  • Purchase of equipment and supplies

Sources of Funding

Funding is continuing to be sought from congregations, individuals, service organizations, professional organizations, and dental equipment manufacturers and supply companies. Every gift large or small is important to the support of the Kenya Oral Health Initiative. Fund-raising is being coordinated by the Kenya Volunteer Kenya Oral Health Initiative Committee representatives of First Presbyterian Church, Fargo, North Dakota.

Money Management

A dedicated account has been established to receive and disperse funds. A system has been agreed upon to verify accountability of all disbursements. First Presbyterian Church, Fargo has set up a dedicated account to receive all donations and will disperse money for necessary expenses. All donations are tax deductible and one hundred percent of your contribution will be directly used to support the project.

Fund Raising

There are many opportunities to support this Initiative. Examples would include Medical/Dental Camp Outreach support; Preventive dental education efforts in schools, orphanages, and communities; staff training; patient subsidies to provide services to the poor. Your financial support is gratefully appreciated.